Changing Default Search Engine to Yahoo

In order to perform the functionality of automatically filtering out explicit adult content from your search feed, Safer Search needs to change your default search engine to Yahoo.

Install the Add-on
Install the Add-on to your Firefox browser and grant your consent to change your default search engine to Yahoo.
Place a Search
Type your search query in the address bar and press enter to see the results.
Get Safe Results!
Safer Search filters out explicit and adult content from your search result feed!

What is Safer Search?

Safer Search is a Firefox add-on and a family-friendly tool that gives you a peace of mind by filtering out explicit and inappropriate adult content from your search feeds. It safeguards your family's and young children's internet searching activities by filtering out explicit content (images, videos, texts, and websites) from the search feeds.

After this add-on has been successfully added to your Firefox browser, the Safe Search filtering functionality is automatically turned on and work "behind-the-scene" to safeguard your search result feed. The functionality of this add-on is very straightforward, thus we do not provide an additional control panel or user interface.


The SafeSearch filter of Safer Search (powered by Yahoo) is only supported in the following countries and regions: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Sweden, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Venezuela, And Vietnam. For the rest of the world, your search results from Yahoo SafeSearch will be displayed without the SafeSearch filter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explicit and aggressive adult contents ambush people at unexpected corners of the internet. A seemingly innocent search query might bring you the most unexpected unsafe results. Safer Search is a Firefox add-on and a useful tool to filter out the unsafe adult content from your search results feed and provide you with a better browsing experience of the internet.

Like any technology, the adult content filtering of Safer Search powered by Yahoo is not 100% bulletproof. We cannot guarantee that all the unsafe adult content will be filtered out. However, with the filtering, most of the unsafe adult content will silently disappear from your decent search results page.

In order to provide the functionality of filtering unsafe adult content from your search feed, we need to change your default search engine to Yahoo because our technology solution is powered by Yahoo. If you do not want to use Yahoo as your default search engine, you have to uninstall our add-on. I'm very sorry.

Indeed, it's completely free and it does not include any charges during the entire usage from end-users.

The default search engine that this add-on rely on, namely, Yahoo, is our monetization partner.

I'm very sorry to see you go but we as developers totally respect that. You can find detailed uninstallation instructions on our Uninstall page.